Via Carpatia 2018

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The First International Forum of Eastern and Central Europe Via Carpatia took place on June 23 - 30, 2018. During the Forum, participants and guests had a rich, diverse cultural, intellectual and entertainment program.

Poster Via Carpatia 2018


Vincenz - image
International Conference "The Circle of Vincenz: the future of the Carpathians"

The important issues of creation of favorable climate for development of economic, infrastructural, ecological and tourist potential of the Carpathian region were discussed. The conference "All-Ukrainian Democratic Forum" Via Carpatia was held. Stanislav Vincenz Award for Humanitarian Service for Regional Development was prized.

Film - image
Transcarpatia Film Forum

There have been screenings of national cinema, co-productions of Ukraine with other countries, foreign cinema and retrospective films. In total, visitors have seen more than 25 movies.

Sound of Carpatia Music and Arts Fest - image
Sound of Carpatia Music and Arts Festival

Contemporary Ukrainian and European stars participated in the festival of music and art: Christina Solovyi, Oleh Skrypka & Le Grand Orchestra, Maria Burmaka, Anzelika Rudnitska, bands "Mandry", "Plach Yeremiyi", "TARAKA", "KOZAK SYSTEM", "DZ" 'OB', 'NAKED', 'Drum & Tuba Band', 'Sun Groove', Band [O] and more.

Summer Cultural Capital Marathon - image
Summer Cultural Capital Marathon

In the framework of the marathon in the village of Kryvorivnya, about 30 contemporary Ukrainian and foreign artists performed on stage in support of the preservation and development of the cultural potential of the region.

Poloninas’ summer - image
Poloninas’ summer

Around 15 thousand spectators visited the village of Verhnij Yaseniv to see the People's Hutsul action. A national record for simultaneous jumping was set. Hutsul Strong Men Games, a concert program with the participation of local and foreign creative groups took place. In total, more than 150 artists performed on stage. In addition, the attendees had the opportunity to taste traditional Hutsul dishes and to buy local craftsmen's items.

Mykola Knyazhitsky

“The Via Carpatia Forum is a new brand for the development of the Hutsul region” .

Mykola Knyazhitsky, the initiator of the Forum


The official opening of the Via Carpatia Forum

Official opening of the International Forum of Eastern and Central Europe Via Carpatia in the village of Kryvorivnia, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

June 24, 2018
Kniazhytskyi: The Via Carpatia Forum is a new brand for the development of the Hutsul Region

We open the Via Carpatia Forum. We remember the soldiers who gave their lives, Oleg Sentsov and other prisoners starving in the Moscow prisons. Obviously, both those who are lost and those who are fighting now are doing it so that we can make such holidays.

June 24, 2018
Evening music program of the Sound of Carpatia festival

Via Carpatia. Sound of Carpatia's evening music program. Live.

June 24, 2018
Central and Eastern Europe International Forum VIA CARPATIA. Day 1

Conference "Circle of Vincenz".

June 26, 2018
Music marathon "Summer Cultural Capital"

A three-day marathon in support of the Hutsul region and Kryvorivnya

June 28, 2018
Music marathon "Summer Cultural Capital". Day 3

The last day of the musical marathon "Summer Cultural Capital" at the Via Carpatia Forum in support of the Hutsul region and Kryvorivnya.

June 30, 2018

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