International forum for Eastern and Central Europe

First time in Ukraine

First time in the Carpathians

First time in the Hutsul capital

On all days the entrance is free

8 days

2 location

150 Participants

20 000 visitors

"Polonyna summer 2018" Hutsul folk festival

23-24 June

Come to Verkhovyna - once again the folk Hutsul action Polonyna summer 2018 will be held here again. A tourist who was in the Carpathians, and did not taste Poloninskii brine, did not see the Carpathians! The entrance to the valleys of late spring or early summer is the original Hutsul tradition.

There, high in the mountain valleys, the Hutsuls graze cattle, sheep, walk horses, while living for 3-5 months in simple wooden houses - kolibah. It is there that in huge tubs (the volume of some of them reaches 300 liters!) Cook the world's most delicious cheese, which could be envied by the best Italian cheesecakes. Brynza, budz and vuard - so, in accordance with the taste and technology of the production called Carpathian cheeses - you can subsequently buy at each bazaar, and simply ask the owners - you will not refuse!

The history of the festival "Polonin's Summer":

For the first time the festival took place in 1967. For half a century, it has become a new tradition.

The festival honors the hard work of shepherds and poloninny, share cultural color with the next generations.


With the support of the Verkhovyna district state administration

Transcarpatia film Festival.

International and national film festival
23-25 June

The program consists of:

  • Ukrainian movies
  • Co-production of Ukraine with other countries
  • Major film premieres at the festival


  • Legend of Carpathians, 2018;
  • EKS, 2017;
  • Traitor, 2017;
  • Yizi, 2017;
  • When trees fall, 2017;

In cooperation with the State Agency of Ukraine on Cinema issues

"The new movie of the Carpathians"

Demonstration of movies of the latest years (2017-2018) which were created in the countries of Carpathian Euroregion In cooperation with the Art Union “Arthouse Traffic”

"Retrospective "Carpathian review"

Demonstrations of retrospective films and short films. In cooperation with the national center of Alexander Dovzhenko.

"New wave of Ukrainian movie"

Demonstrations of documentary films of Ukrainian production. In cooperation with the organization “Modern Ukrainian movie”.

«Carpathian Dance»

The program of modern electronic music
23-30 June


  • DJ O.Skrypka

  • Votuma 


  • VV Band 
  • Mishukov 
  • Veronika 

  • Elijah 
  • The Muss

«Made in Ukraine: Meeting in the Carpathians»

Ukrainian producers festival
23-24 June

For the first time in the history of the festival of Ukrainian producers "Made in Ukraine" arrives in the Carpathians:

  • Fair of folk artists
  • Art workshops from Hutsul masters
  • Performances by folk art groups from Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia
  • Concert by Honored Artist of Ukraine Anzhelika Rudnitskaya

Conference "Circle of Vincenza: the future of the Carpathians"

26-27 Jule

International conference “circle of VinzenzA: the future of the Carpathians”:

  • Round table
  • Discussions
  • Meetings
  • Panel discussion
  • Master classes
  • Lectures

The first day:

  • Panel discussion "Features of local self-government In the mountainous regions of the Carpathians”
  • Panel discussion "Economic models of agricultural development in mountain areas”
  • Panel discussion "Via Carpatia. Infrastructure projects as a way to unite the countries of the Carpathian macro-region”
  • Panel discussion "Ecology of the Carpathians: ecosystem, innovations for the conservation and development of the region”
  • Panel discussion " Tourism as a factor of economic development of the Carpathian region”

The second day:

  • Panel discussion " Ukrainian-Polish dialogue: difficulties and prospects"(under the patronage of the Ukrainian-Polish Partnership forum)

  • Panel discussion "Information weapons in hybrid conflicts of the 21st  century".

  • Panel discussion "The Heritage of Vincenz: the culture of mountain peoples as a driver of regional development”

  • Panel discussion "Ways to preserve intangible cultural heritage|

  • Panel discussion " The Future of the EU in the context of Ukrainian efforts for full integration with the EU”

  • Panel discussion " Victories and defeats of Central European reforms: lessons for Ukraine”

With the assistance of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine


Award od Stanislav Vincenza “For humanitarian service and contribution to the development of the regions”

The prize is awarded to:
  • representatives of local self-government
  • representatives of public organizations
  • opinion leaders in different dimensions of public life

Nominees are those who for many years:

  • Have been affirming high humanistic ideals
  • Have been enriching the historical memory of the people, its national consciousness and identity
  • Have been a model of high moral and  professional quality.


The award is annual. Nominees are represented by public initiatives or organizations, determined by the Committee.

Registration form for the conference:

Festival of music and art "Sounds of CARPATIA"

Carpathian lounge. Gala concerts and night screenings. Artistic and educational programs.
28-30 Jule

2 stages / 200+ musicians / Style World Music

5 programs :
  • "Sounds  of Carpatia"  
  • "Stars Of The Carpathians"
  • "New Ukrainian music"
  • "New voice of Carpathians"
  • "Art-Carpathia"  
  • Marichka Burmaka
  • Alina Pash
  • Khrystyna Soloviy
  • Oleh Skrypka
  • Ivanka Chervinska and Ihor Zakus "Jazz Circle”
  • Taraka
  • and others



About the location:

At the location of CARPATIA two scenes will be located:

  • Main stage

In the future there will be created a modern Museum of the new format Vicesa Centre. The main venue will host the opening and closing of the Forum, film and music festivals, headlining concerts.

Nearby every day literary and theatrical platform, food court will work.

Where is it located:

Carpatia is located in the village of Kryvorivnya, which is known for the museums of Ivan Franko and Mikhailo Hrushevskyi. It is about 140 km from Ivano-Frankivsk, 270 km from Ternopil and 280 km from Lviv.


About the location:

At this location cinemas, volunteer camp, food court tent town, pavilions of the film festival, equipped with a platform for panel discussions and speeches of speakers will be located.

Where is it located:

The location Polonyn is located in one of the most picturesque places of the Carpathians, near the Verhovinskyi  National natural Park.

In the village Verkhnii Yaseniv tract Zapidok — two kilometers from the village Kryvorivnya. It is about 140 km from Ivano-Frankivsk, 270 km from Ternopil and 280 km from Lviv. 

Reserve accommodarion
With views of the main stage

About Via Carpatia

Initiators and organizers:

NGO "All-Ukrainian democratic forum”:

the purpose of the organization is to support and protect the interests of society in the social, business, cultural , ethnic spheres and to promote the development of the media market in Ukraine. There is a successful history of partnership with foreign donors and implementation of interesting projects in the media.


NGO "Co-existence: cultural autonomy”:

the aim of the organization is to create and support local cultural initiatives, native tourism and the development of eco-volunteering movement in Ukraine. For many years it has been a co-organizer of the international music festival KOKTEBEL JAZZ FESTIVAL/ Jazz Koktebel , which this year will be held in the city of Chornomorsk in Odessa region for 16 times. It has successful experience of cooperation with international institutions, such as the Coca Cola Foundation Charity Fund, the US state Department, Embassies of Sweden, the state of Israel, the Czech Institute and other diplomatic institutions;


NGO "Humanitarian Studio "Wave”:

the organization was founded in 1996. For 20 years it has been implementing projects in the field of cultural diplomacy and human rights. Most visible projects of the organization – "Art of Tolerance", "Cultural diplomacy, "JAZZ BEZ”;

"Arthouse Traffic" is a Ukrainian film company and film distributor, which was the first to be engaged in film production of art cinema in Ukraine. In cooperation with foreign embassies and cultural centers, the company carries out annual festival projects - "Evenings of French cinema", "New British cinema", "New German cinema", "Week of Austrian cinema", "Week of Italian cinema", etc.

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We are always open to new proposals and interesting ideas. Let's work together to make the forum even better!

Thank you for your interest in the festival!

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